SAY ‘NO’ TO INSECTS INVADING YOUR PROPERTY & IN Soho W1 GET RID OF CRAWLING & FLYING INSECTS FROM YOUR HOUSE OR COMMERCIAL BUILDING IN West London On Time Insect Control Services are available 7 days a week in Soho W1 and throughout West London. Our 24 hr pest controllers work to the strictest of British Industry Standards and guarantee humane pest control methods for all levels of infestation.

Get in touch for a fast-response service and one of our 24 hour emergency Pest Controllers will visit your property fully-equipped to solve your flying insect & crawling insect problems in Soho W1. We know all there is to know about how to get rid insects, from wasps and bees to cockroaches and woodworm! We always include professional 24 hour property cleaning services for contaminated areas and areas which present a risk to human health.


Get in touch with our professional pest control team in Soho W1 for expert 24 hour pest control guidance and request advice on any of the following insects – listed below.



HOW TO GET RID OF CRAWLING INSECT INFESTATIONS IN Soho W1 Ant | Beetle | Bed Bug | Cockroach | Flea | Spider | Silverfish | Woodworm

Ant Control Services in Soho W1

We have years of experience when it comes to getting rid of Ants from houses and commercial properties in and around West London! Ant killer sprays and powders will get rid of Ants temporarily but they do not eliminate the problem of Ant infestations inside your property.


Contact our team for long-lasting Ant extermination methods focusing on removing Ant nests and sealing entry points throughout your home or garden. Contact our team of 24 hour pest controllers to help you get rid of Ants from your property in Soho W1.


Carpet Beetle Control Services in Soho W1

The size of the Carpet Beetle means there is little you can do to stop it from entering your home or commercial property in West London. They are resourceful insects always thinking up cunning methods to gain entry; through air vents, on house plants and flying through window cracks to name a few.


There are several telltale signs to look out for if you think you may have a Carpet Beetle infestation inside your Soho W1 home or workplace. Damage to books, files, photo albums.


Bed Bug Control Services in Soho W1

It’s not unusual to find The Common Bed Bug nesting inside your bed, bed frame, mattress or even in the box springs. Bed Bugs are most active during the night and aim to bite exposed areas of human skin. Pesticides can be effective but can also lead to the Bed Bug infestation spreading through dispersion.


Our pest control team in Soho W1 will control the Bed Bug infestation in your property through isolation, heat treatment & by disposing of contaminated household items! We get rid of Bed Bugs for the long-term from houses & commercial properties throughout West London.


Cockroach Control Services in Soho W1

Safety first! We deal with Cockroach infestations in houses and commercial properties throughout West London. The majority of pesticides and baits for Cockroaches contain highly hazardous chemicals which means they are also a known danger to any children or pets living in the property. Cockroach pesticides and baits must be used correctly to eliminate risk of danger.


Our 24 hr pest control specialists in Soho W1 will guide you and provide expert advice on how to keep Cockroaches away indefinitely.


Flea Control Services in Soho W1

There are several ways to get rid of a Flea infestation but it all depends on the type of Flea invading your property. Is the Baking Soda Flea Control Method not working? Try a more effective solution.


Our pest control team in Soho W1 offers a regular vacuuming service using industrial vacuums to kill off Flea infestations, but if that doesn’t work, we recommend our professional Flea fumigation service anywhere in West London using specialist insecticides.


Spider Control Services in Soho W1

Spiders are rarely seen in large numbers so keep that in mind when you start noticing groups of them hanging around your home or office. It could be a clear indicator of a Spider infestation. Other ways of telling if you have a spider infestation is by looking in secluded and dark spaces! Also, when you notice an increased amount of intricate Spider webs throughout your home, in your wardrobes or in the corners of any room or ceiling.


Call our pest controllers in Soho W1 to get rid of Spiders from your house or commercial building situated anywhere in West London.


Silverfish Control Services in Soho W1

Silverfish swish across the floor and prefer to dwell in dark, damp areas such as basements, attics, kitchens and bathrooms. They are especially attracted to paper and damp clothing, and most commonly found in storage boxes in garages and sheds. Cinnamon is often used to repel Silverfish but it cannot kill them.


If you are dealing with a Silverfish infestation at your property in Soho W1 get in touch with our pest controllers in West London to ensure you get rid of Silverfish once and for all.


Woodworm Control Services in Soho W1

Woodworm infestations can only be treated effectively by specialist Woodworm killers. This is the only way to ensure long-lasting results. Our pest control team will firstly identify the exit holes where the Woodworm leaves the timber and inject a Woodworm control paste to suffocate the nest and larvae inside.


Get rid of these wood-boring insects from your home or commercial property in Soho W1 or situated anywhere throughout West London.



IN Soho W1
Wasp | Bee | Fly | Moth | Drain Fly WASPS

Wasp Control Services in Soho W1

Wasp Nest Removal is definitely a job best left to professional pest controllers in West London. The moment you aggravate a Wasp nest; expect a reaction without warning. Wasps are venomous and likely to attack you if they feel threatened. Do not put yourself, your family or your neighborhood at risk by attempting to remove a Wasp nest from your home or workplace in Soho W1.


Contact our team for advice on how to get rid of Wasps safely from your property.


Bee Control Services in Soho W1

It is highly advised that you do not attempt to remove Bee nests without professional help from humane Bee controllers in Soho W1! Protective Bee clothing is used to minimise Bee stings and there is a certain way of behaving around the Bees to ensure they do not feel threatened.


The Bee nest will be removed and relocated elsewhere. We work to get rid of Bees safely and strive to ‘Save the Bees’ as they are crucial to the Earth’s ecosystem. Contact our Pest Control team in West London for professional guidance on how to get rid of Bees safely and humanely.


Fly Control Services in Soho W1

You can find many Fly control products in your local supermarket including electric Fly killers, glueboards, Fly insecticides and Fly zappers but these are not effective when you are dealing with a severe Fly infestation. They might kill the Flies but this does not prevent the remaining Flies from breeding ferociously.


Contact our team in Soho W1 for further guidance on how to get rid of Flies from your property using pesticides and insecticides. Our Fly Controllers operate throughout West London 24/7.


Moth Control Services in Soho W1

If you Google ‘how to get rid of Moths’ you will come across countless Moth repellents, DIY Moth control methods and various natural Moth repellents such as dried Lavender to keep the clothes-eating Moths away. It really depends on the type of Moth infestation you are dealing with.


Speak to a member of our team in Soho W1 to help you establish the type of Moth in your property situated anywhere in West London and the most relevant Moth insecticide we will use to treat it.


Drain Fly Control Services in Soho W1

We get rid of Drain Flies from houses and commercial properties in Soho W1 and throughout West London. The most obvious sign of a Drain Fly infestation is when you start seeing large numbers of them. You will often see adult Drain Flies resting on bathroom walls or near kitchen sinks.


Drain Flies breed fast and furiously and feed off decaying organic matter. This is why they can often be spotted in toilets, kitchens and drains. They will not move along either; if they like their new home they will definitely stay.



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