IS YOUR PROPERTY IN West London PEST-PROOF? Pest Proofing for Houses & Commercial Buildings in West London On Time 24 Hour Pest Proofing in West London is available 7 days a week.

Our 24 hr pest controllers in West London work to the strictest of British Industry Standards and guarantee humane pest control methods for all levels of infestation. Get in touch for a fast-response Pest Proofing Service in West London and one of our pest controllers will visit your property, fully-equipped to solve your pest problems.


We know all there is to know about how to keep pests away and always include a free Pest Proofing Consultation. Get in touch with our Pest Proofing team in West London for 24 hour guidance and request expert advice! We supply and install reliable Pest Proofing in West London to keep birds, rodents, foxes and insects away, and guarantee effective treatments for houses and commercial properties in the surrounding areas.



Proofing Methods in West London used to deter:

  • Birds
  • Foxes
  • Rodents
  • Crawling Insects
  • Flying Insects



Book a FREE Pest Proofing Assessment in West London or call 020 8626 1817 for more information.



BIRD PROOFING West London 24 Hour Bird Proofing for Homes & Businesses in West London

Our Bird Controllers in West London supply and install quality Bird Nets to keep birds away from your house or business premises.


Put a stop to Pigeons and other large birds landing and roosting on your property in West London by installing high-quality plastic or metal bird spikes. This industry-standard bird proofing method is commonly used for private properties and industrial buildings throughout West London.


On Time Pest Control provides discreet Bird Wire & Post solutions in West London to stop Pigeons and other bird pests from roosting on and damaging your property.


A spring-tensioned Bird Wire is suspended between the Posts and together they provide a practical pest-proofing solution for buildings where appearance plays an important role. Call our Bird Proofing Services in West London for more information.


On Time Pest Control offers 24 hour Bird Culling Services for homes and commercial buildings in West London that are suffering a more severe bird infestation. Available only for Pigeon and Parakeet infestations at properties in West London.



FOX PROOFING Heavy-Duty Wire Mesh Fox-Proof Fence, Humane Fox Trapping & Concrete Block Installation in West London WIRE MESH FENCING

Fox Proof Wire Mesh Fencing West London

Our heavy-duty Fox Proof Fencing in West London is supplied and installed to industry standards. On Time Pest Control offers Fox Proof Fencing as a sturdy solution to get rid of Foxes and Fox dens from your garden or business premises.


Stop Foxes digging with our Heavy-Duty Wire Mesh Fox Proof Fencing in West London and keep foxes away from your property for the long-term.


Concrete Block Installation West London

It is not uncommon for Foxes to dig deep under outbuildings and build Fox Dens underneath sheds and decking! If you think you need an even stronger solution, try our Concrete Block Installation around outbuildings and structures to keep the Foxes out. Our Fox Controllers in West London operate 24/7.


Fox Trapping & Disposal West London

Our 24 Hour Pest Proofing Service in West London guarantees a 100% humane and safe Fox Trapping Service followed by safe Fox Removal and Disposal in accordance with the rules set out by the Licensed Waste Scheme. We deliver Fox Control solutions in West London consistent with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Protection of Animals Act 1911.



RODENT PROOFING IN West London Rodenticides, Drainage Services, Rat Flaps, Wire Mesh Covers, Concrete & Brickwork in West London WIRE MESH COVERS

During a Rodent Control Survey in West London, we will assess your property to establish where the Rodents are gaining access. One reliable method of Rodent Proofing in West London is a Wire Mesh Cover installed neatly over the access hole. Our Rodent Control team can supply and install quality Wire Mesh Covers anywhere in West London to keep rats, mice and squirrels away!


In cases where holes are being dug in your garden and around outbuildings, we will provide concrete and brickwork pest-proofing solutions to seal them once and for all. This will put a solid stop to any type of rodent entering your home or business premises in West London.


We have years of experience in providing Drainage Services in West London for houses and commercial premises in order to remove Rodent Infestations and prevent new Rodents from replacing them. Do you believe rats or mice may be entering your property through the drains? We will carry out a Full Drainage Inspection in West London using the latest CCTV technology and detail the results in a written report before deciding on the best Rodent Proofing Service in West London for your property.



INSECT PROOFING West London Insect Control & Fumigation for Houses & Commercial Buildings in West London HEPA

HEPA Filter Vacuum West London

A special type of vacuum with specialist infiltration systems installed to ensure the removal of pests nesting inside your building. Take control of growing pest epidemics inside your home or business premises. We offer Pest Proofing Services in West London – 24/7.


Biocide Treatment West London

Sanitation is prevention against future infestations! Our Biocide Treatment Specialists in West London use chemical and biological methods to get rid of pests, bacteria, and eliminate other viruses lurking and growing in your property in West London.


ULV Misting or Fogging West London

Our Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Misting or Fogging Treatment in West London is used predominantly to apply disinfectants, fungicides, pesticides and biocides to pest-infested areas of your home or business premises. In West London, our pest controllers use foggers to generate oil and water-based ‘Thermal Fogging’ for properties, to get rid of pests while preventing future infestations.


Drainage System Cleaning West London

Drain blockages or damages can result in stagnant water and other organic matter building up in your pipes. This must be removed to ensure they do not attract rodents or drain flies in West London. We offer a regular Drain Cleaning Service in West London including Descaling, Root Removal and Drainage System Repair in West London 24/7.



ON TIME PEST PROOFING IN West London British Industry-Standard Pest Proofing Service for Homes & Businesses in West London

Looking for a trained and professional Pest Controller in West London to help you keep pests away from your house or business premises? All our employees are qualified in providing tailored Pest-Proof Solutions in West London for residential and commercial properties.


Join thousands of other happy customers we have helped over the years and receive reliable Pest Proofing in West London - guaranteed to deliver results.
On Time 24 Hour Pest Proofing Services are available 7 days a week in West London. Bird Proofing Services in West London Fox Proofing Services in West London Rodent Proofing Services in West London Insect Proofing Services in West London British Industry Standard Pest Proofing Services for Houses & Commercial Properties in West London