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Are you experiencing problems with Squirrels at home or at work?

On Time Pest Control works with a variety of Squirrel Control Treatments and provides 24 hour pest control guidance to help you make informed decisions along the way. We provide licensed and insured Squirrel Controllers that work to the strictest of NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) standards and include a no-quibble guarantee with every service.



Have you already tried the Best Squirrel Repellents & Deterrents?

Squirrel killer products and Squirrel Repellents can deter Squirrels and get rid of a few temporarily, but these do not eliminate the problem of Squirrels breeding and nesting inside or around your property.


Contact our team for long-lasting Squirrel extermination methods focusing on removing Squirrel nests and sealing entry points throughout your home or workplace. Dealing with Squirrels can be challenging; speak to a member of our West London pest control team for effective Squirrel Control Treatments and receive expert guidance on how to get rid of Squirrels for the long-term.


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To decide on the best Squirrel Control Treatment for your property we need to know exactly what type of Squirrel Infestation we are dealing with. During the survey we will establish the species of Squirrel, locate the Squirrel Nests where possible and identify the entry points used by the Squirrels to access your home or garden.


A full property inspection will be carried out by our professional Pest Controllers and a written report will be produced, detailing the best course of action for how to get rid of Squirrels from your West London property.


Our 24 hour Pest Controllers will advise you on the best way to get rid of Squirrels according to the results of the Survey. There are many ways of targeting Rodents but it depends on how severe the Squirrel problem is at your West London property.


We offer Squirrel Removal using Live Mouse Traps, Humane Kill Traps and Rodenticides (otherwise known as Squirrel Poison) on occasions. Contact our team for expert guidance on how to keep Squirrels away from your home or business premises anywhere in West London or throughout Twickenham, Kingston & Richmond


Squirrel Proofing methods also come in various forms and again, we can only advise you on the best Squirrel Proofing method for your property once the Survey has been carried out.


We will assess the holes used by the Squirrels, remove the Squirrels from your property and install Wire Mesh Squirrel Proof Covers securely fixed over holes. Please speak to our team regarding further information on Fascia and Soffit Board replacements.




Learn about Squirrels & how they operate before trying to
control them!


Most Common Squirrel in UK:

The most common squirrel invader in the UK is the Grey Squirrel (Sciurus Carolinensis) and is adapted for jumping, climbing and pouncing with ease. The Grey Squirrel has a big bushy tail to assist with balance and incredibly sharp claws used for gripping trees and other surfaces.


Squirrel Behaviour/Habits:

The Grey Squirrel has a reputation for damaging roof spaces in homes and businesses, and is also feared for attacking humans. Although rare, it does happen. Grey Squirrels can become a nuisance and will eat anything they can find. It’s almost a waste of time having fruit trees in the garden or leaving food out for the birds when the Squirrels are frequent visitors; these furry pests will eat every last crumb and more. Do not let the Grey Squirrel take over your home and garden.


Signs of Squirrel Infestation:

4 Telltale Signs of a Squirrel infestation in your property or garden:


Scratching Sounds – usually heard from spaces in the roof or underneath a structure


Squirrel Droppings - very similar to Rat waste and resemble black pellets


Squirrel Nests in Trees - usually high up in trees away from predators


Small Divots in the Garden – these appear in areas where the Squirrel buries its nuts


Squirrel Treatment Options:

Have you tried everything to get rid of Squirrels from your property? Squirrel Traps, Squirrel Poison, humane Squirrel Control methods? All of these are just temporary solutions and do not solve the more serious problem of a Squirrel infestation inside your home or workplace. Book an inspection with our 24 hour recommended Squirrel Pest Controllers.


Yes. A Squirrel bite or scratch on human skin can lead to various diseases considered dangerous to our health, including: Lyme Disease, Rabies and Tularemia. These diseases can also be transmitted when humans come into contact with animal excrement. Seek immediate help if you come into contact with Squirrel faeces or urine.




NPTA Certified Squirrel Pest Controllers for West London Properties

Looking for a trained professional to help you get rid of Squirrels? All our employees are fully trained and qualified in providing tailored Squirrel Control solutions for your home or business premises situated anywhere in West London or throughout Kingston, Twickenham and Richmond.


We provide 24 hour licensed and insured Squirrel Pest Controllers that work to the strictest of NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) standards and all services include a no-quibble guarantee and full Public Liability Insurance.


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