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Experienced Pest Waste Disposal Service

On Time Pest Waste Disposal offers a range of pest control services including dead animal removal and carcass disposal throughout West London, South West London, Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond. Have you noticed a nasty smell wafting in through your windows at home?

Have you arrived at your office to find a dead bird on your doorstep? Our team of 24 hour pest controllers in your area will arrive to deliver a quick and discreet animal carcass removal service guaranteed to reduce risk of contamination, prevent future pest infestations, and eliminate bad smells and harmful bacteria.


Our dead animal removal team operates 7 days a week throughout West London and will remove dead rats and squirrels, dead foxes and dead birds from your home or
business premises.


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Has a Fox been hit by a car and run into your garden to die?

We often receive calls from homes and commercial premises throughout West London to say “I’ve got a dead fox in my garden; help!” On Time Pest Control offers 24 hour dead fox removal services and includes a deep clean of the contaminated area. Seek professional help to ensure the decomposing body is removed humanely and safely.


Do you suspect dead Rats underneath the floorboards?

Have you got a rat infestation in your property or do you think the rodent has ingested poison elsewhere? Regardless, the decomposing body of a rat can create potent and vile smells throughout your home or business premises. As time passes, the carcass will attract flies and eventually you will have a fly infestation developing too. Call us for professional dead rodent removal from underneath your floorboards and receive a professional property clean to ensure the elimination of harmful bacteria and disease polluting your property.


Are you looking to remove dead Birds or Squirrels from your water tank?

Another common scenario we often get called to deal with is the removal of dead birds and dead squirrels from water tanks on properties. On Time Pest Control will remove the dead animal from the water tank and flush through the plumbing system to ensure a deep clean is completed. Water contamination and diseases must be dealt with professionally to ensure your safety and the safety of anyone else living inside your property.


Do you require Bird Dropping Removal from your Water Tank or Loft Space?

Our team of expert bird controllers operate 24/7 throughout West London, South West London, Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond. We include a deep clean sanitisation of your property after the removal of bird droppings and guarantee to dispose of all pest waste safely. Are you fed up of birds roosting in your loft and polluting your water tank?


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Removal | Disposal | Disinfection

Avoid Contamination & Disease

Animal infestations in and around your property can result in unhygienic smells when dead animal remains are left untreated. Removing a dead animal carcass can be extremely distressing, unsafe and unhygienic to handle without the right protective gear. Animal pests such as foxes, squirrels or dead pigeons will likely be carrying a range of diseases harmful to humans and should not be handled without professional Pest Waste Disposal guidance.



  • Locate & remove the dead animal / animal carcass
  • Thoroughly disinfect the affected / contaminated area
  • Restore affected area to its normal level of hygiene
  • Deodorisation Treatment (optional)