Pest Control for Private Landlords &
Airbnb Hosts
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Tailored Pest Control Solutions for your AirBnb Property


Pest Control for Private Landlords & Airbnb Hosts in & around West London:

On Time Pest Control works with private landlords and AirBnB hosts throughout West London, South West London, Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond. We offer a discreet Pest Control Survey to help you establish the best pest control treatments for your property using safe and COSHH-approved pest control methods.


We will treat your call with urgency and provide same-day emergency pest control services anywhere in or around West London 7 days a week. Regular turnover of tenants in one property can increase your chance of a pest infestation – maintain control of your rental property and keep your tenants safe in a clean and healthy environment..



Discreet Unbranded Van Service & Sanitation

We respect your reputation and will arrive discretely to treat infestations and eliminate pest problems in your property. Airbnb hosts and private landlords often find themselves dealing with pest problems such as bed bugs and rats. On Time Pest Control offers expert bird control, rodent control and insect control methods to get rid of pests from your Airbnb property and includes full property sanitation with every service.


Our experienced pest controllers are available 24/7 and work with commercial clients throughout West London, Twickenham
and Kingston.




  • Lofts to Rent
  • Rental Apartment
  • Rental House
  • Private Room Rental





Determine the exact species of pest we are dealing with (rats, mice, insects, pigeons, foxes



Determine how severe the level of infestation is & how fast it is growing



Assess damage caused by pests to establish living patterns and habits



Establish the best possible pest extermination treatments & risks involved with each approach



Conclude the best pest control options for your business premises & advise accordingly



Airbnb Guest Reviews are important to
Airbnb Hosts

How to protect your Airbnb Property from Pests:

Whether you are an Airbnb host renting out an entire apartment, entire house or private room to travelers and holidaymakers visiting London, you must take action to keep your property clean and your clients safe. All Airbnb landlords in and around West London know the importance of Airbnb ratings and reviews; bed bug bites, rats in the loft and pigeon odours are not going to get you the 5-star rating you need to improve your Airbnb business!


Hire our professional pest controllers to exterminate vermin from your property and prevent against future pest infestations.



Bird Control for Rental Properties & Homes in West London

Are you fed up of birds bringing their mess to your rental property? Have you had enough of them leaving bird droppings all over your window sills and garden? Take action to get rid of birds from your rental home once and for all. On Time Pest Control works to keep birds away using a variety of humane Bird Control treatments for businesses and is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions along the way.


We provide licensed and insured 24 hour Bird Controllers that work to the strictest of NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) standards and include a noquibble guarantee with every service. Keep Pigeons and other birds from resting and roosting on your rooftop and surfaces using preventative Bird Nets, Anti-Bird Spikes or Post & Wire Systems designed-to-specification. We will carry out a Commercial Property Survey to ensure we can offer the most effective long-term solution for your business and include a deep clean and sanitation as part of our service.



Eliminate Health Risk & prevent Property Damage

The Pigeon is the most common bird pest in the UK and is a known carrier of disease. Local shops and supermarkets offer a range of bird repellents and pigeon deterrents for keeping birds away but these do not provide a permanent solution to the problem. Call our Pigeon Control team for guidance on how to get rid of Pigeons from your home or rental property anywhere throughout West London, Twickenham or Kingston. Our comprehensive Commercial Bird Proofing packages include professional property sanitation and disinfection to ensure the removal of bird waste and all harmful bacteria. We also offer Commercial Bird Control Services for Sparrows, Starlings and other bird pests.


Book a FREE pest Control Survey for your Home or Rental Property or call us direct on 020 8626 1817