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West London Fox Trapping & Disposal

Over 30,000 urban Foxes are said to roam cities throughout the UK and London is among those most affected. Our 24 hour Pest Controllers know how to get rid of Foxes from your West London property and guarantee a 100% humane and safe Fox Trapping Service followed by safe Fox Removal and Disposal in accordance with the rules set out by the Licensed
Waste Scheme.

Foxes are now fully accustomed to living near humans in big cities and are increasing in numbers far more throughout London and the surrounding areas. As they fast become accustomed to city life and the struggles of city survival, foxes are now a common sight for people during the day as well as during the night.



The Red Fox is Indigenous to our Country

The Red Fox is indigenous to the UK and can be found on a much larger scale throughout the countryside when compared to urban areas. We install industry standard Wire Mesh Live Fox Traps to residential and commercial premises throughout West London, South West London, Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond. Are the Foxes in your area becoming a nuisance? Are your pets in danger? Our team of pest controllers operate 24/7 and deliver Fox Control solutions consistent with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Protection of Animals Act 1911. Call us for professional 24 hour Fox Control guidance at any time 7 days a week.


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Our 24 hour Fox Controllers will visit your property and assess the Fox problems according to your feedback. Decisions will be made as to how many Wire Mesh Traps are required and where each Fox trap will be placed in or around your home or commercial premises. A full property inspection will be carried out by our professional Fox Controllers and a written report will be produced - detailing the best course of action on how to deal with Foxes wreaking havoc at your property.


Wire Mesh Live Traps for Foxes will be installed strategically according to the survey results. Our team of qualified Pest Controllers will provide expert guidance on how the Fox Traps affect Fox Control and what you can expect over the coming days after installation. Wire mesh Live Fox Traps must be checked for catchment twice day. You can opt to monitor the Traps yourself or we will send someone to carry out the checks for you.


Our Fox Control Service does not stop at installation. We will remove any captured Foxes from site and dispatch in a 100% humane and safe manner. The Fox will then be disposed of through the Licensed Waste Scheme as Foxes are not permitted legally to be released in other more rural areas and the Fox Trap will be reset.




Why are the Foxes drawn to your property in the first place?


Hungry Foxes will be attracted to any garden or commercial premises that have a consistent and readily available food source. Do you leave food out for your pets or birds? Do you have an aviary which may be attracting the Foxes or fruit trees planted throughout your garden? Foxes need to eat and will do anything in order to survive. City Foxes struggle to find food to survive and therefore scavenge through bins and other dirty remains left out in the streets.


Water is also a necessity for Foxes to survive and any property with a pool or a pond could mean a reliable water source for them on a daily basis. Consider pool covers or pond covers to keep Foxes away from your garden when you are not there.


Interesting Facts about the Indigenous Red Fox of the UK


Red Fox Indigenous to the UK:

The Red Fox is the most common species of Fox in the UK and is red or brown in colour (with a lighter, whiter underside and belly).


The Red Fox produces 1 litter per year and usually delivers anywhere between 4 and 7 pups (or kits). They eat pretty much anything from birds, mice and insects, to wild berries and worms! Unfortunately urban Foxes are not so fortunate and are forced to scavenge through bins at night throughout West London and other large cities. Urban foxes are predominantly nocturnal but as they rise in numbers, the Red Fox is becoming more and more visible during the day too.


Strict legislations are in place for the protection of the indigenous Red Fox and this determines how foxes are controlled throughout London and other effected cities. Foxes are captured using humane Live Fox Catch Traps that cause no harm or pain to the Fox. Each Fox Trap must be checked for catchment twice a day and once the captured Foxes are removed, they are disposed of humanely and safely. The Trap is reset and baited, ready for the next catch.



Heavy Duty Wire Mesh Fox Proof Fence Installed to Industry Standards throughout West London, Twickenham
& Kingston

On Time Pest Control also offers Fox Proof Fencing as a sturdy solution to get rid of Foxes and Fox dens from your garden or business premises in West London. It is not uncommon for Foxes to dig deep under outbuildings and build Fox dens underneath sheds and decking! Stop Foxes digging with our Heavy Duty Wire Mesh Fox Proof Fencing and keep Foxes away from your property once and for all. If you think you need an even stronger solution; try our concrete block installation around outbuildings and structures to stop foxes digging!




NPTA Certified Humane Fox Control Methods for West London Properties

Looking for a trained professional Fox Controller to help you keep foxes away from your home or commercial premises? All our employees are fully trained and qualified in providing tailored Fox Control solutions for your home or business premises situated anywhere in West London,
Kingston or Twickenham.


We provide 24 hour licensed and insured Fox pest control technicians that work to the strictest of NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) standards. We include a no-quibble guarantee and full Public Liability Insurance with every service.


Join thousands of other happy customers we have helped over the years and receive a reliable Fox Control Service guaranteed to deliver results.