HAVE YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH CARPET BEETLES? 24 Hour Carpet Beetle Control Methods for West London
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Are you experiencing problems with Carpet Beetles at home or at work? There are various species of Beetle invading homes and businesses all
over England.

On Time Pest Control works with a variety of Beetle Control treatments and provides 24 hour pest control guidance to help you make informed decisions along the way. We provide licensed and insured Beetle Controllers that work to the strictest of NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) standards and include a no-quibble guarantee with every service.



Most common Beetle in the UK is the Varied Carpet Beetle

Other Carpet Beetles common in the UK include the Furniture Carpet Beetle and the Black Carpet Beetle. Hire our professional pest control team to ensure the Beetle dead skins and hairs are also removed from your property! Death Watch Beetles and Furniture Beetles (Woodworm) are other common Beetle pests found in and around West London properties. Contact our team for long-lasting Beetle extermination methods focusing on removing Beetle nests and sealing entry points throughout your home or workplace.


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To decide on the best Beetle control treatment for your property we need to know exactly what type of Beetle infestation we are dealing with. During the Survey we will establish the species of Beetle, locate the Beetle nests and identify the entry points used by the Beetles to access your home or commercial premises. A full property inspection will be carried out and a written report will be produced, detailing the best course of action for how to get rid of Carpet Beetles for the long-term.


Using Carpet Beetle killer sprays and protective pest control powders to keep the Carpet Beetles away can damage your carpets and upholstery in the long-term (and do not guarantee results). For small-scale Beetle infestations we advise you to sterilise your home and steam-clean your upholstery periodically. Insecticides are recommended for heavier Carpet Beetle infestations and if it’s really bad, our highly recommended Beetle fumigation method will be used.


Prevention from future Beetle infestations is crucial. All access points into and out of your property will be sealed and any waste will be removed and disposed of appropriately.




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Most Common Beetle in UK:

The most common is the Varied Carpet Beetle (red/brown colour) otherwise referred to as Anthrenus Verbasci. It is the smallest of the Carpet Beetles measuring approximately 0.25cm in size. It has white specks on its rounded black/brown shell and is easy to identify. Another common pest is the Biscuit Beetle – related to the Furniture Beetle and Woodworm.


Carpet Beetle Behaviour/Habits:

The size of the Carpet Beetle means there is little you can do to stop it from entering your home or commercial property. They are resourceful insects always thinking up cunning methods to gain entry - through air vents, on house plants and flying through window cracks to name a few.


Signs of Beetle Infestation:

There are a few telltale signs of a Beetle Infestation inside your home or workplace. Damage to books, files and photo albums is always a good teller! That’s if you are lucky; when you start noticing holes in your new leather furniture and carpets, then you know you have a serious problem with Beetles and it needs to be addressed. Signs of a Biscuit Beetle infestation are more common in food storage areas such as larders and kitchens.


Treatment Options for Beetle Infestation:

Hygiene plays a huge role in the attraction of Carpet Beetles. Insecticides are recommended for heavier Carpet Beetle infestations and if it’s really bad, our expert Beetle fumigation method will be used. Speak to our team of pest controllers in your area for further guidance on how to get rid of Carpet Beetles once and for all.


This depends on the type of Beetle you have living in your property but the Varied Carpet Beetle and Biscuit Beetle do not feast on human blood and therefore have no reason to want to bite you. However, their dead skin and hairs can often be found throughout the property and may cause human skin irritation or allergic reaction.




NPTA Certified Carpet Beetle Controllers for West London Properties

Looking for a trained professional pest controller to help you get rid of Carpet Beetles in your home or workplace? Take action to control the pests in your residential or commercial West London property. You may have tried various Beetle control products available in your local area to treat the infestation, but the best and most humane way to get rid of Beetles is to call our 24 hr pest control team.


All our employees are fully trained and qualified in providing tailored Beetle Control solutions anywhere in West London or throughout Kingston, Twickenham and Richmond. We provide 24 hour licensed and insured Beetle Controllers that work to the strictest of NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) standards and all services include a no-quibble guarantee and full Public Liability Insurance.


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