Commercial Pest Control for
Business Premises
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Tailored Pest Control Solutions for your Business

Business Owners and Premises Managers often find themselves face-to-face with pest control problems at work.

On Time Pest Control offers expert bird control, rodent control and insect control methods to get rid of pests from your business premises and includes a full property sanitation with
every service.


Our experienced pest controllers are available 24/7 and work with commercial clients throughout West London, Twickenham
and Kingston.




Determine the exact species of pest we are dealing with



Determine how severe the level of infestation is & how fast it is growing



Assess damage caused by pests to establish living patterns and habits



Establish the best possible pest extermination treatments & risks involved with each approach



Conclude the best pest control options for your business premises & advise accordingly


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Get rid of Birds from your Business Premises & prevent future
Bird Infestations

Bird Control for Businesses in & around West London

Are you fed up of birds bringing their mess to your office or business premises?

Have you had enough of them leaving bird droppings all over your window sills and
shop signs?


Take action to get rid of birds from your commercial premises once and for all. On Time Pest Control works to keep birds away using a variety of humane Bird Control treatments for businesses and is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions along the way.


We provide licensed and insured 24 hour Bird Controllers that work to the strictest of NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) standards and include a no-quibble guarantee with every service. Keep Pigeons and other birds from resting and roosting at your work premises using preventative Bird Nets, Anti-Bird Spikes or Post & Wire Systems designed-tospecification.


We will carry out a Commercial Property Survey to ensure we can offer the most effective long-term solution for your business and include a deep clean and sanitation as part of our service.



Eliminate Health Risk & prevent Property Damage

The Pigeon is the most common bird pest in the UK and is a known carrier of disease. Local shops and supermarkets offer a range of bird repellents and pigeon deterrents for keeping birds away but these do not provide a permanent solution to the problem.


Call our Pigeon Control team for guidance on how to get rid of Pigeons from your business premises anywhere throughout West London, Twickenham or Kingston. Our comprehensive Commercial Bird Proofing packages include professional property sanitation and disinfection to ensure the removal of bird waste and all harmful bacteria. We also offer Commercial Bird Control solutions for Sparrows, Starlings and other bird pests.


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CONFORMING TO FOOD SAFETY REGULATIONS Contamination caused by Pests in Food Production &
Food Processing

COSHH-Certified, Licensed & Insured

On Time Pest Control uses a specialist Husbandry Pesticide for food-serving venues and guarantees expert guidance in accordance with the strictest of NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) standards. Do you own a restaurant, café, pub or take-away in or around West London? The laws and regulations relating to food safety are fast-increasing and punishment is harsh for those found to be in breach. Contact our team of professional pest controllers in your area and find out how you can improve your current Food Safety conditions at work. All pest control treatments used around food storage units are tested and proven to be safe, and will not compromise the quality or consumability of goods stored. Don’t allow vermin to pollute edible goods by shedding skins, gnawing packages and spreading disease via excrements.




Minimise Pest Problems in West London Food Storage Facilities


Do you have the necessary procedures in place at your restaurant or food venue to ensure all food safety standards and regulations are being met at all times?


Commercial kitchens and food establishments are legally required to implement effective pest control systems in order to be classed as ‘safe to operate’. Do your systems and procedures conform to regulations set out by the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006? Speak to our team for more in-depth guidance.


All food must be stored according to the rule book and any spillages or contaminated foods are to be managed and removed immediately to prevent an infestation spreading or to ensure prevention against future infestations.


Do you follow the very simple ‘FIFO Method’ to manage your stock? Implement inventory management systems to ensure that the first food stock to enter your storage facility is the first to leave – ‘First In, First Out’


Efficient and regular Waste Collection procedures must be implemented and enforced daily to ensure there is no buildup of waste on your business premises at any given time.


We recommend periodic pest control assessments to ensure pests are not plotting and building an empire behind closed doors. Our team of expert pest controllers know where to look and use all the necessary equipment to reach higher surfaces that are harder to reach.




Pest Control for Commercial Storage Spaces, Industrial Estates, industrial units, warehouses

Cross-contamination by pests in warehouses and industrial units can lead to serious problems if left undetected. Warehouses and other storage spaces for businesses can become very susceptible to contamination by rodents, birds and cockroach infestations. Other insects such as silverfish and woodworm are also common in such storage facilities and can cause severe damage over long periods of time.


There is no shortage of areas for them to hide in; meaning they can go undetected for much longer and cause more damage over time. Mice and rats in particular pose a big risk to the goods stored in your warehouse. Their strong and very sharp teeth allow them to pierce just about anything they come across, including wood and aluminium storage units.