Humane Bird Control Methods To Keep Birds Away From Your Property 24 Hour Pigeon Control & other Bird Deterrents for Homes & Businesses across West London Are you fed up of birds making a mess at your home or work premises? On Time Pest Control works to keep birds away using a variety of humane Bird Control treatments and is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions along the way.

We provide licensed and insured Bird Controllers that work to the strictest of NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) standards and include a no-quibble guarantee with every service.


Keep Pigeons and other birds away from your home or workplace using humane Bird Nets, Anti-Bird Spikes or Post & Wire Systems designed-tospecification. We will carry out a Property Survey to ensure we can offer the most effective long-term solution and include a deep clean with every Bird Proofing service – without fail.



Eliminate Health Risk & prevent Property Damage

The Pigeon is the most common bird pest in the UK and is a known carrier of disease. Local shops and supermarkets offer a range of bird repellents and pigeon deterrents for keeping birds away but these do not provide a permanent solution to the problem.


Call our Pigeon Control team for guidance on how to get rid of Pigeons from your home or business premises anywhere throughout West London, Twickenham or Kingston.
Our comprehensive Bird Proofing packages include professional property sanitation and disinfection to ensure the removal of bird waste and all harmful bacteria. We also offer Bird Control solutions for Sparrows, Starlings and other bird pests in your area.


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To decide on the best Bird Control Treatment for your property we need to know exactly what type of bird infestation we are dealing with. During the survey we will establish the species of bird, locate the bird nests and identify the attraction for birds perching and pooping on your home or commercial premises.


A full property inspection will be carried out by our professional Bird Controllers and a written report will be produced - detailing the best course of action on how to deal with a Pigeon infestation or other bird pests landing on your property.


The pathogens in Pigeon excrement can be passed on to humans through inhalation or direct contact leading to various fungal infections, Salmonella and Tuberculosis to name a few. Bird droppings should never be left untreated at your home or workplace.


We will remove all bird waste including carcasses, and sanitise the affected areas to eliminate all traces of disease and dirt. See Property Sanitation or Pest Waste Disposal for more information.


The results of the Survey will determine which Bird Proofing methods are most suited to your property and our team of licensed Bird Controllers will design and install your preferred choice according to the height and design of the building. Durable materials are used for all Bird Proofing devices and installations are carried out to the highest of industry standards.


Why are the Bird Pests drawn to your property in the first place?

Food Source

Before you can reach the route of the problem you must be aware of what is attracting the bird pests in the first place. It could be an insect infestation you are not aware of, or maybe the birds have got a taste for the cat food you leave out in the garden. Any reliable food source will bring the birds!


Water Source

At the same time, Pigeons and other bird pests could be nesting at your property because of the reliable and readily available water source. Have you just had a new water feature installed in your garden or do you leave water out for your pets throughout the day? Anything like this could be a reason for your pest guests sticking around.

We will help you to establish the main source of attraction before advising you on the best bird prevention methods.


Never underestimate the power of the Pigeon.

Pigeon feathers

Water damage is common when Pigeon feathers start building up inside your gutters. Don’t let the problem get out of control - pipe repairs and plumbing will cost you a lot more in the long-run.


Pigeon Nesting

Pigeons are known to nest in sheltered spaces and often remove roof tiles in an attempt to nest underneath. Exposing your roof to the elements with no protection can lead to all sorts of damage inside your property walls.


Pigeon Droppings

Pigeon droppings are well known for being acidic and will cause damage to any surface including roof ledges and window sills. The droppings are also rich in pathogens and can be transmitted to humans in several ways. We sanitise your property to ensure the removal of bird droppings and destroy any risk of harmful bacteria exchange through a deep clean disinfection.



HUMANE BIRD CONTROL SOLUTIONS; INSTALLED TO LAST We use durable Bird Proofing materials that last for the long-term.

Bird Netting

Our Bird Netting techniques provide the ultimate solution to keep the bird pests away and are known to be one of the cheapest bird control methods available in the UK. Get in touch with us for a comprehensive and tailored Bird Net design and installation service.




Bird Spikes

Put a stop to Pigeons and other large birds landing and roosting on your property by installing high quality plastic or metal bird spikes! This industry standard bird proofing method is commonly used for private properties and industrial buildings throughout the UK and prevents birds from seeing your home as the ultimate landing station.




Post & Wire Systems

On Time Pest Control provides discreet Bird Wire & Post solutions to stop Pigeons and other bird pests from roosting on and damaging your property. A spring-tensioned bird wire is suspended between the posts and together they provide a practical solution for buildings where appearance plays an important role.





NPTA Certified Bird Controllers for West London Properties

Looking for a trained professional Bird Controller to help you keep birds away from your home or commercial premises? All our employees are fully trained and qualified in providing tailored Bird Control solutions for your home or business premises situated anywhere in West London, Kingston or Twickenham. We provide 24 hour licensed and insured bird pest control technicians that work to the strictest of NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) standards. We include a no-quibble guarantee and full Public Liability Insurance with every service.


Join thousands of other happy customers we have helped over the years and receive a reliable pest control service guaranteed to deliver results.