Zero-Tolerance Bird Netting Installed
To Specification
24 Hour Bird Netting for Homes & Businesses across West London Bird Netting is considered one the most recommended bird proofing solutions for residential and commercial properties in West London and throughout Kingston.

Our Bird Netting techniques provide the ultimate solution to keep the bird pests away and are known to be one of the cheapest bird control methods available in the UK.


Get in touch with us for a comprehensive and tailored Bird Net design and installation service.

We will install your Bird Nets with all the relevant fixings to ensure longevity and optimum performance - make informed decisions about the best Bird Nets for your property and get it right first time.



Bird Nets for Pigeons & smaller Birds

Bird Nets for Pigeons are designed differently to those used to deter smaller birds such as Starlings and Sparrows. Bird Netting is a cost-effective bird proofing solution when compared to other methods such as Anti-Bird Spikes and Bird Wire. For many properties, one single Bird Net is sufficient to cover multiple areas where the birds usually leave their mess.


Bird Netting varies in style depending on the size of the bird pest and structure design.


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Is Bird Netting the right choice for your property and will it provide a long-term solution? What is attracting the birds in the first place? We will send our trained bird controllers to your property anywhere in or around West London to conduct a Bird Control Survey before any advice is given.


They will know how to assess the affected areas and make a decision on whether Bird Netting is the best way forward. We provide expert guidance so you can make informed decisions.


All affected areas must be deeply cleaned before Bird Nets can be installed. We will remove and dispose of bird droppings, bird nests and bird carcasses before the sanitation process commences (all of these can attract new infestations if left untreated). A high-pressure Biocide spray treatment is applied to neutralise bird guano and then all guano is removed entirely from any area including rooftop ledges and high window sills.


A full sanitation and disinfection service is then carried out to ensure the elimination of remaining pathogens and other harmful bacteria. See Property Sanitation or Pest Waste Disposal for more information.


We will measure the affected areas, assess the risk and design the Bird Netting according to your property and the severity of the bird infestation. Our licensed and insured Bird Net installation team will then arrive at your property to install the wire frame and Bird Net according to the agreed design. The height and style of your property will determine whether special equipment is required – a job definitely best left to the professionals.


Harmless Impenetrable Nteetin Supported By A Tensioned Wire

100% Humane Bird Netting Guaranteed

Bird Nets pose no harm to nuisance birds but do encourage them to steer away from your property and find other places to nest and breed. The Bird Net creates an impenetrable barrier supported by a tensioned wire to carry its weight and is attached to the wires using hog rings.


Speak to a member of our team to arrange a bird pest control survey of your property and receive expert guidance on how to get it right first time. Access equipment may be required for taller buildings and larger structures.


Property Damage caused by Pigeons can get pretty serious.

Pigeon feathers

Water damage is common when Pigeon feathers start building up inside your gutters. Don’t let the problem get out of control - pipe repairs and plumbing will cost you a lot more in the long-run.


Pigeon Nesting

Pigeons are known to nest in sheltered spaces and often remove roof tiles in an attempt to nest underneath. Exposing your roof to the elements with no protection can lead to all sorts of damage inside your property walls.


Pigeon Droppings

Pigeon droppings are well known for being acidic and will cause damage to any surface including roof ledges and window sills. The droppings are also rich in pathogens and can be transmitted to humans in several ways. We sanitise your property to ensure the removal of bird droppings and destroy any risk of harmful bacteria exchange through a deep clean disinfection.



WHAT OTHER BIRD PROOFING OPTIONS ARE THERE? We use durable Bird Proofing materials that last for the long-term.

Bird Spikes

Put a stop to Pigeons and other large birds landing and roosting on your property by installing high quality plastic or metal bird spikes! This industry standard bird proofing method is commonly used for private properties and industrial buildings throughout the UK and prevents birds from seeing your home as the ultimate landing station.



Post & Wire Systems

On Time Pest Control provides discreet Bird Wire & Post solutions to stop Pigeons and other bird pests from roosting on and damaging your property. A spring-tensioned bird wire is suspended between the posts and together they provide a practical solution for buildings where appearance plays an important role.




NPTA Certified Bird Net Installation for West London Properties

Bird Netting is one of the most recommended and cost-effective bird proofing solutions available for properties in West London, Twickenham and throughout Kingston. Looking for a trained professional Bird Controller to help you keep birds away from your home or
commercial premises?


All our employees are fully trained and qualified in providing tailored Bird Netting for your West London property. We provide 24 hour licensed and insured bird pest control technicians that work to the strictest of NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) standards. We include a noquibble guarantee with all Bird Nets installed by On Time Pest Control and full Public Liability Insurance..


Join thousands of other happy customers we have helped over the years and receive a reliable pest control service guaranteed to deliver results.