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  • Birds
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  • Foxes
  • Crawling Insects
  • Flying Insects



  • Sanitation & Cleaning
  • Drainage Services
  • Pest Waste Disposal
  • Nest Removal
  • Commercial Pest Control
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Bird Control & Bird Proofing

On Time Pest Control works to keep birds away using a variety of humane Bird Control treatments and is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions along the way. We provide licensed and insured Bird Controllers that work to the strictest of NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) standards and include a no-quibble guarantee with every service. Keep Pigeons and other birds away from your home or workplace using humane Bird Nets, Anti-Bird Spikes or Post & Wire Systems designed-to-specification.


We will carry out a Property Survey to ensure we can offer the most effective long-term solution and include a deep clean with every Bird Control Service to ensure all contaminated areas are restored back to safe use. Are bird pests causing a risk to your family or pets? Have they taken over your garden or work premises? In extreme cases where birds are becoming aggressive to humans and posing a threat to human health, we also offer a professional and approved Bird Culling Service for any property in West London, Twickenham or Kingston.


Rodent Control & Rodent Proofing

Rodent infestations can become dangerous if left untreated. Have you tried everything to get rid of Rats from your West London property? Local shops nowadays offer all sorts of mouse repellents, rat deterrents, squirrel traps and poisons but none of these rodent control products solve the problem of a rodent infestation.


Rats are much like Mice when it comes to nesting; they like warm and sheltered locations near plenty of food and water! This could mean the Rat or Mouse nest in your home is under the floorboards or in roof spaces. You will most likely hear them scratching away at night and if a dead Rat is left decomposing in any of those areas, you will eventually begin to smell it. In warmer climates Rats tend to nest outside and will burrow under buildings to reach sewer systems. Do not allow Rats, Mice or Squirrels to take over your home and garden.


Drainage Services for Rodent Control:

  • CCTV Drain Inspection & Survey
  • Drainage System Repair (Patch Work)
  • Drainage System Reconstruction
  • Manhole Repair & Reconstruction
  • Drainage System Rodent Proofing

Fox Proof Fencing, Fox Trapping & Disposal

Over 30,000 urban Foxes are said to roam cities throughout the UK and London is among those most affected. Our 24 hour Pest Controllers know how to get rid of Foxes from your West London property and guarantee a 100% humane and safe Fox Trapping Service followed by safe Fox Removal and Disposal in accordance with the rules set out by the Licensed Waste Scheme. Our team of pest controllers operate 24/7 and deliver Fox Control solutions consistent with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Protection of Animals Act 1911. Call us for professional 24 hour Fox Control guidance at any time 7 days a week.


Fox Proof Wire Mesh Fence Installation / Concrete Block Installation around Outbuildings

On Time Pest Control also offers Fox Proof Fencing as a sturdy solution to get rid of Foxes and prevent Fox dens from being built in your garden or business premises. It is not uncommon for Foxes to dig deep under outbuildings and build Fox dens underneath sheds and decking! Stop Foxes digging with our Heavy Duty Wire Mesh Fox Proof Fencing and keep Foxes away from your property once and for all. If you think you need an even stronger solution; try our Concrete Block Installation around outbuildings and structures to stop foxes digging!


Insect Infestations & Nest Removals

On Time Pest Controllers are trained and equipped to handle the most severe Insect infestations at your West London home or business. Has your property been invaded by Cockroaches, Wasps or Silverfish? Have the Carpet Beetles taken over and moved in for the long-term? Call our 24 hour pest control team and receive a free Pest
Control Survey.


We will advise you on the best plan of action to help you exterminate current and prevent future infestations. Wasps and humane Bee Nest Removals are also available 24/7 throughout West London, South West London, Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond.



  • Ant Infestation
  • Carpet Beetle Infestation
  • Bed Bug Infestation
  • Cockroach Infestation
  • Flea Infestation
  • Spider Infestation
  • Silverfish Infestation
  • Woodworm Infestation



  • Wasp Infestation & Nest Removal
  • Bee Infestation & Nest Removal
  • Fly Infestation
  • Moth Infestation
  • Drain Fly Infestation



Professional Clean & Disinfection of Contaminated Areas

On Time Pest Control offers a dedicated and professional 24 hour sanitation and cleaning service to houses and commercial properties situated anywhere throughout West London, South West London, Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond. Growing pest epidemics at your home or business premises can lead to serious problems if left untreated; take action against harmful bacteria and pathogens found in pest waste and rid your property of dirty germs.


Our 24 hour West London professional house cleaning services are also available for commercial business premises 24/7.


We don’t just get rid of pests, we work to prevent future
infestations developing.



Dead Animal Removal & Carcass Disposal

On Time Pest Waste Disposal offers a range of 24 hour pest control services including dead animal removal and carcass disposal 24/7 throughout West London, South West London, Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond. Have you noticed a nasty smell wafting in through your windows at home? Have you arrived at your office to find a dead bird on your doorstep?


Our team of 24 hour pest controllers in your area will arrive to deliver a quick and discreet animal carcass removal service guaranteed to reduce risk of contamination, prevent future pest infestations, and eliminate bad smells and harmful bacteria. Our 24 hr dead animal removal team operates 7 days a week throughout West London and will remove dead rats, squirrels, foxes and dead birds from your home or business premises any time during the day or night.



Experienced & Qualified Pest Controllers for West London Businesses

Business Owners and Premises Managers often find themselves face-to-face with pest control problems at work. On Time Pest Control offers 24 hour expert bird control, rodent control and insect control methods to get rid of pests from your business premises and includes professional property cleaning with every service. Our experienced pest controllers are available 24/7 and work with commercial clients throughout West London, South West London, Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond.



Private Landlords & West London Airbnb Hosts

On Time Pest Control works with West London private landlords and AirBnB hosts throughout Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond. We offer a discreet 24 Hour Pest Control Survey to help you establish the best pest control treatments for your property using safe and COSHH-approved pest control methods. We will treat your call with urgency and provide same-day emergency pest control services anywhere in or around West London 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Regular turnover of tenants in one property can increase your chance of a pest infestation – maintain control of your rental property and keep your tenants safe in a clean and healthy environment.




NPTA Certified Pest Controllers for West London Properties

Looking for a trained professional Pest Controller to help you get rid of Pests?

All our employees are fully trained and qualified in providing tailored Pest Control solutions for your home or business premises situated anywhere in West London or throughout Kingston, Twickenham and Richmond. Join thousands of other happy customers we have helped over the years and receive a reliable pest control service guaranteed to deliver results.