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On Time Pest Controllers available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

On Time 24 Hour Pest Control Services are available 7 days a week throughout West London, South West London, Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond. Our 24 hr pest controllers work to the strictest of British Industry Standards and guarantee humane pest control methods for all levels of infestation.


We know all there is to know about how to get rid pests, from the birds to the bees and always include professional 24 hour property cleaning services for contaminated areas and areas which present a risk to human health. Get in touch with our team for expert 24 hour pest control guidance and request advice for any of the following 24 hour pest control services –
listed below.





24 Hour Wasp Control & Safe Wasp Nest Removal



24 Hour Bee Control & Humane Bee Nest Relocation



24 Hour Fly Control & Fly Infestation Treatments



24 Hour Moth Control & Moth Infestation Treatments


Drain Flies

24 Hour Drain Fly Control & Prevention Methods



24 Hour Ant Control Treatments for Ant Infestations



24 Hour Beetle Infestation Control Treatments & Prevention


Bed Bugs

24 Hour Bed Bug Control Treatments for Homes & Rental Properties



24 Hour Cockroach Extermination & Property Sanitation



24 Hour Flea Control & Industrial Vacuum Service



24 Hour Spider Control for Spider Infestations in Homes & Business Premises



24 Hour Silverfish Control Methods for Warehouses, Sheds & Lofts



24 Hour Woodworm Fumigation & Prevention from future Woodworm Infestations


Bird Nets

24 Hour Bird Net Installation for Homes & Commercial Business Premises


Bird Spikes

24 Hour Bird Spike Installation for Bird Prevention & Bird Proofing


Post & Wire Systems

24 Hour Bird Post & Wire System Installation for all Property Designs


Bird Culling

24 Hour Bird Culling for Pigeons & Parakeets where Risk to Humans is High



24 Hour Rat Control & Rodent Proofing to prevent Rat Infestations



24 Hour Mouse Control & Mouse Proofing to prevent Mouse Infestations



24 Hour Squirrel Control & Squirrel Proofing to prevent Squirrel Infestations


Red Fox

24 Hour Humane Fox Trap Installation using Wire Mesh Live Fox Traps




24 Hour Proffessional West London House Cleaning Services

On Time Pest Control offers a dedicated and professional 24 hour cleaning service to houses and commercial properties situated anywhere throughout West London, South West London, Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond. Growing pest epidemics at your home or business premises can lead to serious problems if left untreated; take action against harmful bacteria and pathogens found in pest waste and rid your property of dirty germs. Our 24 hour West London professional house cleaning services are also available for commercial business premises 24/7.


We don’t just get rid of pests, we work to prevent future
infestations developing.




Safe & Environmentallty-Friendly Animal Carcass Disposal

On Time Pest Waste Disposal offers a range of 24 hour pest control services including dead animal removal and carcass disposal 24/7 throughout West London, South West London, Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond. Have you noticed a nasty smell wafting in through your windows at home?


Have you arrived at your office to find a dead bird on your doorstep? Our team of 24 hour pest controllers in your area will arrive to deliver a quick and discreet animal carcass removal service guaranteed to reduce risk of contamination, prevent future pest infestations, and eliminate bad smells and harmful bacteria. Our 24 hr dead animal removal team operates 7 days a week throughout West London and will remove dead rats, squirrels, foxes and dead birds from your home or business premises any time during the day or night.



24 HOUR COMMERCIAL PEST CONTROL FOR WEST LONDON BUSINESSES Extermination | Fumigation | Sanitation | Prevention

Tailored 24 Hr Pest Control Solutions for your Business

Business Owners and Premises Managers often find themselves face-to-face with pest control problems at work. On Time Pest Control offers 24 hour expert bird control, rodent control and insect control methods to get rid of pests from your business premises and includes professional property cleaning with every service.


Our experienced pest controllers are available 24/7 and work with commercial clients throughout West London, Twickenham
and Kingston.



24 Hour Pest Control for Private Landlords & West London
Airbnb Hosts

On Time Pest Control works with private landlords and AirBnB hosts throughout West London, South West London, Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond. We offer a discreet 24 Hour Pest Control Survey to help you establish the best pest control treatments for your property using safe and COSHH-approved pest control methods.


We will treat your call with urgency and provide same-day emergency pest control services anywhere in or around West London 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Regular turnover of tenants in one property can increase your chance of a pest infestation – maintain control of your rental property and keep your tenants safe in a clean and healthy environment.